My Purpose is to Awaken, Align & Activate frequencies of Light & Sound in my unique way in a tapestry of Creativity, Healing, Wisdom and Harmony. I weave with the energies of Earth/Gaia, Stars, the Ancients, Harmonic Wisdom and more in a sacred and loving space.


I offer support for you to AWAKEN Resonance so you REMEMBER the ESSENCE of who you truly are and ALIGN with the magnificent, infinite and divine YOU. My role is to FACILITATE you to awaken, align and activate your own wisdom, healing and remembering. When we make the choice to change, to explore, to let go, to awaken more deeply, we ACTIVATE doorways of undreamed of possibilities and we step into the Resonance with our true Essence.


As my own journey evolves, so too do the Offerings I make. From the exploration of a deeply Unconscious way of living to an ever evolving Consciousness, I have and continue to traverse many pathways, moving through frequencies of Harmonic Light Resonance.


In the mid 1990s Essential Oils prised my Consciousness  open by singing on my skin and offered me new doorways to Healing through Aromatherapy, Reiki, Crystals, Essences, Sound & Colour Healing. My Creativity was awakened through Fractal Art, Mandalas & Sacred Geometry. Universal & Quantum Consciousness doorways opened a whole new world of offerings from a deep space of Soul Resonance.  Exploring these pathways for myself and sharing with others is my commitment to ever evolving consciousness.


My path has been so enhanced with many wonderful and gifted Teachers, Family and Friends for whom I am forever grateful.  In gratitude to you for all you have offered and gifted to me.

Light, Sound, Gaia, The Ancients, The Stars, Soul, Presence are my guides, as are all my experiences.

My qualifications include :

Diploma Universal Consciousness

Quantum Consciousness Facilitation

Certificate HypnoEnergetics 5D

Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy

Diploma Sound & Colour Healing

Munay-Ki Facilitation (from Andean Shamans)

Mindfulness Practitioner

Certificate Aromatherapy

Reiki 1, 2, 3

Certificate IV Training & Assessment

Sending blessings & joy now ...


© 2020 Kiri Brennan

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