Dragon Fire (Sedona) & 

Kunya Water Sprite (Uluru)

Fractal Activators

Alchemy of Water & Fire

Weaving the power of Water & Fire

A Template for 2021

JULY, 2021


10 am - 5.00 pm

$160.00 (Conc $140)

at  Rowville, Victoria

One Day Experience - 

(first in the "Alchemy of the Elements" Series for 2021)


To awaken and activate the qualities and properties of the Water & Fire Elements within your Awakening Vessel and your multi-dimensional field  for Healing and Transformation in all aspects. Develop a template for Resonance with the frequencies of Water& Fire for 2021 and beyond.

You will be guided on transformational journeys, creations and ceremonies through LIght (Colour), Sound, Crystals, Sacred Geometry, Imagery, Vibrational Essences to embody the healing and transformative qualities of these Elements.

You will experience and explore

  • The Spirits of Water/Fire & their guidance

  • From Cellular to Multi-Dimensional 

  • Platonic Solids of Water & Fire

  • Flow, Rhythm, Mystery, Magic & balance

  • Creating your own Water & Fire Elixir

  • Your Song Code for Water & Fire 

  • Sacred Ceremony & Offerings 

Receive 2 Crystals for programming

Access to WaterSong & FireSong Sound Essences (made in Uluru & Sedona)

Kiri offers sacred, dynamic and transformational events for deep expansion and weaving  with your potential. Kiri invokes the energies of  Star Beings, the Ancients, Frequency Conduits/Conductors, Gaia (Mother Earth) & the Elements, Sacred Patterns (through her SoulWeaver Creations and Codes who support this evolving work.


Comfortable clothes

Cushion or Pillow

2 Glass bottles with lid (or bottle) for Elixirs- approx 100 ml

Water Bottle

Pen & Small notebook

A healthy lunch to share - eg. Salad, Protein



Kiri Brennan

PH:  0407 564 593

or via email on Contact Page

PAYMENT :  By Direct Debit

(Details will be given on Booking)

Payment Plans available on Request - full payment must be received prior to Gathering


© 2020 Kiri Brennan

Images by Kiri © SoulWeaver Creations 2021