Ancestral Voices



Within each of us is held an infinite tapestry of Gifts, some of which are still held within Other Lives, waiting to be REMEMBERED. For some these are called "Past Lives" however for this REMEMBERING, we expand multi-dimensionally to connect with Ancestors who come forward to offer support, guidance and remembering of these Gifts that you already hold within.

These gifts may be held by a Self in other times and places and are all part of the threads of your Soul's Weave. Each thread creates the vast beauty and magnificence of your ever-evolving Tapestry of Creation, YOU, expressed through this LIFE.



Through an expansive journey, you will travel into the weave of your Soul to receive guidance, healing and wisdom  from the voice/s of an ANCESTOR/S (past, present, future) to support your REMEMBRANCE.  This occurs in the quantum field outside of time and space, so whilst we talk about past, present and future, the journey expands beyond this. As ALL is NOW.  You will also have the opportunity to release outmoded lineage patterns. 


An Ancestral Self may present in a variety of ways, including Guides, Energy Beings or an Aspect in Human form from another time. 

Each Journey begins with a conversation where a high vibrational Intention is set so you may receive the wisdom, healing, guidance and knowledge you desire. This Journey is fully experiential where you participate as your expanded Self. Kiri facilitates and supports you in this expansive state to receive all that you require to meet your Intention.

Through these Journeys you will create a deep and lasting connection with these Ancestral Selves, integrating into NOW, being of Service to your Lineage and REMEMBERING gifts that are held within you. 



I wish to acknowledge my dear friend, Soul Sister Kate Buncle who has co-created this EXPERIENCE with me as a way to access the vast Tapestry of your Gifts and Knowledge, as well as to clear outmoded cyclic patterns that may be held within your Ancestral Lineage. We acknowledge Peter Smith and The Institute for Quantum Consciousness as the forerunners of this work.