The Awakening Vessel

Weaving Harmonic Resonance through  Human Form
New dates coming soon!!
One Day Experience

To awaken and activate Harmonic Resonance within your Sacred Vessel  for deepening connection to your Essence Self.

You will be guided on transformational journeys and discover frequencies, elements, geometries and symbols that support you to deepen your connection through your Awakening Vessel.  

You will explore and deepen

  • Your Weave of Consciousness (Soul & Form) thru Light & Sound frequencies 

  • Connections, wisdom and healing in your Sacred Vessel

  • The Elements within the Body

  • Activation of Star, Earth & the Ancients frequencies

  • The Creator Force in your Core Centre

Kiri creates dynamic and powerful Light, Sound & Sacred Geometry vibrations through her Soul Weaver Art and Harmonic Light Keys, Symbols, Crystals and Essences, as well as voicing Light Languages of Star, Earth & the Ancients. You will receive a number of Activation Keys (Harmonic Light Keys/Soul Weaver Art) and Essences will be available on the day.


Light Lunch and afternoon tea will be provided.



Comfortable clothes

Rug or Shawl

Water Bottle

Pen & Paper

6 Tumbled Crystals (incl 1 Clear Quartz) or 5 stones plus 1 clear quartz



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