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Light, Sound & Geometries are the building blocks of all creation - codes & frequencies, patterns & vibrations


Harmonic VISIONS - a portal to SEEING (Crystalline Keys created for CRYSTALLINE KEY CODE ACTIVATIONS

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HEART LIGHT - a portal to the codes of love within the Heart - (Crystalline Key Code)

Crystalline Encodments

Transcendent Vibrations of 

Light, Sound & Sacred Geometry

Weaving the Codes of your unique CRYSTALLINE blueprint

REMEMBER your unique Essence through the powerful spiraling Crystalline frequencies of Light, Sound, Sacred Geometry & Patterns


Create a deepening connection with your original Key Codes, your unique CRYSTALLINE BLUEPRINT. Lift the veils to transcend dissonant or limiting patterns and create a ripple of transcendent energy in service to yourself, all humanity, Nature & Gaia and beyond.


Your Essence holds all the codes and frequencies of LIGHT, SOUND and SACRED GEOMETRIES from which you weave the threads of your life into the exquisite tapestry of creation - the unique expression of You.  They are held within only awaiting your REMEMBRANCE.


Through Sacred Connection in a reverent space, you are supported to connect with your unique CRYSTALLINE BLUEPRINT through vibrations of Light, Sound & Sacred Geometry to :

  • Release & Transcend  dissonant or limiting patterns

  • Align & Integrate  Soul Aspects 

  • Awaken, align & activate dormant Key Codes 

  • Weave & Radiate these Key Codes into awakening patterns

  • Experience yourself in the Wholeness of your Being

Frequencies of the Stars, Gaia and the Ancients, Divine Feminine Creatrix, Crystals, Elementals, Sound and Light Language weave with your Soul's guidance to create a unique experience of your Essence, awakening & activating dormant Key Codes within your sacred vessel.


Crystalline Key Codes will be "sung" into your energy field during your Session to repattern your field (body, mind & spirit) to awaken, align and activate your unique Crystalline Frequencies in the unfolding weave of your unique tapestry.

As well as VOICE, instruments such as Crystal Harp, Crystal Bowl, Sacred Lyre, Shamanic Drum & Rattles and Tuning Forks may be used. Merkabah and Diamond Light energies, as well as the Elements (codes of Creation) are integral to the Activation as they open a portal to your unique Essence   

Sessions are up to one and a half hour's duration and begin with a conversation and intention setting, before you relax and receive.


For further information and/or booking your Session, go to CONTACT page.



During my study with Dian Booth, Master Sound & Colour Healer in the late 1990s I recognised the extraordinary power of the Voice for healing and activation. I began my connections with the powerful energies of Light Language, Toning and Colour frequencies.

My exploration of Fractal Art began in 2005 and I created my own Oracle Cards for use in my Intuitive Readings.  In 2011, I ceased offering Readings for clients and began to use my Fractal Art as Activators in my Gatherings.

In 2016, I began to created hand-drawn Harmonic Light Codes for activating frequencies within the Soul Field.  During a meditation in 2020, I was given a CRYSTALLINE KEY from the Lemurian Star Beings that has supported me in combining the Harmonic Light Codes into Crystalline Key Codes for Soul embodied Activations. I created a series of 12 Crystalline Key Codes for a Gathering to support the 21 December 2020 Uluru Activation of Ancient crystalline codes and the heart of Gaia.

I have held workshops and classes exploring the power of Sound, Light & Sacred Patterns for healing over many years.  NOW through my study and experiences in Quantum Journeys and my own Meditation Practice,  I have been guided to create these CRYSTALLINE KEY CODE ACTIVATION sessions with vibrations of Sound, Light and Sacred Geometry.