“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”  Viktor E Frankl : Man’s Search for Meaning

Mindful to Heartfull


From Mindful to Heartfull employs Mindfulness practices as a starting point to move into Stillness within the Heart as a doorway to being in  Resonance with the Essence of who we are.

The Mindful to Heartfull Practice brings you long lasting benefits on all levels of WellBeing including :


Peace of mind

Enhanced concentration

Acceptance of thoughts and feelings

Improved Relationships

Loving kindness & Compassion for self and others

Being Present rather than in the past or future

          Discovering an Inner Stillness

          Heart connections to Resonance in everyday life

"As we can learn to cultivate our garden ... so too we can learn to cultivate our minds (and hearts) and make wise choices about the habits and qualities we want to cultivate and make manifest (Gilbert & Choden 2013)


The Mindful to Heartfull Practice


Open the doorway between the distracted, survival mind and move into the mind of WELLBEING. From here, we practice connecting through LOVING KINDNESS to the Heart and Beyond.


This Practice includes Mindfulness, Compassion &  Everyday Awareness with the understanding of the insightful messages from our Emotions and the Heart.


The Mindful to Heartfull program is completed in weekly sessions over eight weeks.  It is designed to support you to intentionally pay attention, observe and accept thoughts and feelings moment to moment through non-judgement and awareness.  Active Compassion for ourselves and others is included to assist you to move beyond the challenges of the distracted and unsettled mind to find those inner spaces of peace, harmony and stillness. Practices to connect with the Heart and its wisdom are also explored.


Individual sessions are offered over eight weeks and you will receive a guided Mindful to Heartfull MP3 after the first session to assist you with your Practice.  Prior to the first session, a detailed phone conversation takes place to talk about the commitment required to undertake these eight week sessions.