Songs of the Elements are Vibrational Essences of each of the Elements created with Sound & Light Frequencies (including Light Language) and activated using Crystals, the Platonic Solids & Elements.  Each Essence has been created in a unique geographical location as guided by Spirit. Each Essence Bottle contains 1/4 alcohol and 3/4 purified water and has been further activated with Sacred Geometry. (see individual Essence for details).


WaterSong - made at Uluru, Australia in 2003 at the base of the Mutitjulu Waterhole during a Rainbow Serpent Journey with Dian Booth.   Kiri received permission from an Aboriginal Elder to enter this space and the Essence was blessed by the energies of water flowing through this rock in the shape of a Yoni.  The magic of this essence is its creation in an arid environment where the water element is valued as precious for its rarity and healing qualities.

The Flow of life is reflected in this essence, it's gentleness and strength. It aids in finding the stillness within the flow. It flows through any "stuck" areas.   It allows grief to flow, especially grief for the loss of flow;  It aids where there is fdifficulty in bonding with others.   It enables sensuality