Resonance is your natural state of Being.  It is your Essence where infinite possibilities reside

Universal Consciousness

Journeys of Expansive Soul Connection

We are All part of Universal Consciousness.  Every living form is connected through this Consciousness and as we experience this, we deeply explore and embrace our unique contribution to this Oneness through the life we live right now. 

During a Universal Consciousness Experience, you are held in the Resonance of your true Essence as you explore requests for Resonance in your Personal Universe and Beyond to gain wisdom, healing and transcendence. 

Everything that is out of Resonance with your natural state of Being is a Request for Resonance.  Your request for Resonance may be explored through any of the following Unviersal Consciousness journeys :

  • Physical & Emotional Echoes

  • Family & Intergenerational Lineage

  • Cradle of Creation (pre-birth purpose & awareness)

  • Powerful Stories through Other Lives (Past Lives)

  • Realms of Sound, Light & Vibration

  • Exploring New Realms


You will experience yourself  in all your magnificence, revealing powerful and amazing aspects of your Self, uncovering and connecting with gifts and talents and infinite possibilities. You will powerfully contribute in service to your family, friends, all Humanity, Gaia and beyond through the profound ripple effects created by you in your journey. And your life will manifest in ways not considered before.

Sessions are usually over 2 hours  An investment of $160. You will receive an MP3 of your session.

For further information and a conversation on how a Universal Consciousness Experience can support your evolving journey, feel free to open a conversation