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The Jewelled Self 

Fractal Activator

Quantum Journeys

Journey through the Quantum Field to Remember your infinite Creation Self

It is time to remember who you truly are, connecting with your divine creative Essence and the power you hold within your inner world to create your outer world.

This pathway of Remembrance creates a resonance with your Infinite Creation Self.  You are so much more magnificent, powerful, creative and loving than you can imagine and harmony, peace and passion are yours.

Through the profound work of Peter Smith and the Quantum Consciousness Institute, these accessible and powerful Journeys are offered to support your Remembering and Resonance.  I am an Accredited Facilitator of these Journeys. 


In these Journeys of Quantum Consciousness and Universal Consciousness, you will be held within a sacred space where you can trust that you can safely and  easily travel into the Quantum Field to discover your innate wisdom and experience your true Essence in the light and love of your Being. 

These Quantum Journeys are life changing and create a ripple of healing, wisdom and love through the whole of you and to All.  Click below to explore more .... 

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