Quantum Journeys

Journey through the Quantum Field to
Remember your infinite Creator

Thru the Underworld

It is time to REMEMBER who you truly are, connecting with your divine creative Essence and the power you hold within your inner world to create your outer world.

This pathway of Remembrance creates a resonance with your Infinite Creation Self.  You are so much more magnificent, powerful, creative and wise than you can imagine and harmony, peace and joy are yours.

Through the profound work of Peter Smith and the Institute for Quantum Consciousness these accessible and powerful Journeys are offered to support your Remembering and Resonance.  Kiri is an accredited Facilitator of these Experiences. 

In these Journeys of Quantum Consciousness and Universal Consciousness, you will be held within a sacred space where you can trust that you can safely and  easily travel into the Quantum Field to discover your innate wisdom and experience your true Essence in the light and love of your Being. 

These Quantum Journeys are life changing and create a ripple of healing, wisdom and love through the whole of you and to All. 


Through a collaborative and co-creative journey, Kiri and her dear Soul Sister and colleague, Kate Buncle have developed further Journeys in the Quantum Field to  support your explorations and remembering. They include :




Quantum Journey Offerings

Each of these Quantum Journeys offers you the opportunity to explore and experience your own inner Wisdom that reveals to you how magnificent, wise and powerful you truly are. 

Jewelled Connections.png


Explore your Personal Universe. Journey through the Realms of your Consciousness offering you wisdom, healing and integration.  You are supported to travel multi-dimensionally and expansively.

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Be held in the Resonance of your unique Essence as you explore, gain wisdom & heal.  Resonance is your natural state of being.  Find the answers that you seek through these expansive & profound journeys. 



Remember gifts from ancient times; gain wisdom & guidance from your Ancestors. Follow the threads of your Soul's Weave to remember your Creations. 

Radiating Self.png



We are each born holding the  "Rainbow" Child within us, a child self whole and complete in all aspects.  As we develop as children, this Rainbow Child seems to segment into its various aspects.  

Juliet Gauci (Astrologer, Clairvoyant) VIC

Working with Kiri over the years has each and every time liberated some aspect of my life to a profound level. Kiri works with total integrity, soul and a deep compassion, and did I mention humour! She has gone through many deep healing journeys of her own throughout her life, and is therefore able to hold space and authority. Most recently, I attended a one day event called Soul Talk with Kiri and to say it blew me away was an understatement. I feel forever changed from that day. It was pure "magic". Life for me has changed. There is an ease to creating things, and the intentions that I have set are already unfolding. My own growth has had a "quickening." When you work with Kiri make sure you are ready and willing for big changes to occur and life really does change.