Inspiration & Activation

SOUL WEAVER CREATIONS offers unique visual images with encoded frequencies of LIGHT, SOUND & SYMBOLS designed to awaken, align & activate REMEMBERING of your Essence Self.

Each unique and powerful image is created either digitally (Fractal Activators) or by hand and are created and activated with Sound, Colour, Crystals and Sacred Geometry for encoding the frequencies​ and qualities

FRACTAL ACTIVATORS are digital images that hold encoded patterns and frequencies for Resonance with our unique Essence.


Fractals reflect light as does Consciousness.   Light is revealed as an ever-expanding weaving of our heart and soul into the expression of who we are now. You are the fractals weaving your reality.

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DREAMWEAVERS are unique designs created on Canvas or Board using Acrylic paints, beads, feathers with predominantly Dot Art style.  

Like Fractal Activators, DREAMWEAVERS hold encoded frequencies and are created as a Meditative journey.  Each comes with its unique message and activation tones. 

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HARMONIC LIGHT KEYS  are unique frequency designs created on black card for activation of particular qualities intuitively received to support Activations.

Harmonic LIght Keys are used during Harmonic Light Activation Sessions, both individual & group as well as Events to call forth specific frequencies and patterns

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© 2020 Kiri Brennan

Images by Kiri © SoulWeaver Creations 2021