You were born with Potential

You were born with Goodness and Trust

You were born with Ideals and Dreams

You were born with Greatness

You were born with Wings


Weaving WellBeing

Your Natural State of Being



Support and guidance  are offered to explore, release and transform issues that may be veiling your ability to connect deeply to your natural state of being, WELLBEING.


WellBeing is a state of being that encompasses the whole of your Life - body, mind, emotions, spirit.  WellBeing changes and evolves as you do. It is an organic state that you consciously work with as you explore your potential to create the change you desire.


Every session begins with a Conversation and an exploration of intention. I offer you a range of techniques to access your inner resources for you to gain wisdom, clarity and healing. These may include Consciousness Experiences, Hypnosis, Mindfulness Practices and Intuitive Guidance.

If you have come to a point in your life where a shift in thinking, feeling and behaviour is needed, then you are ready to take the next step to remember your Natural State of Being and uncover the wisdom, healing and transformation held within you.

Sessions are usually 1.5 hours and are charged at $120 per session. Concessions are available.  Please contact me for further information.



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