You were born with Potential

You were born with Goodness and Trust

You were born with Ideals and Dreams

You were born with Greatness

You were born with Wings


Sound Colour Healing

Alchemical Frequencies

You are Energy frequencies of Sound & Light manifesting through your physical form as matter.  In this fast paced urban life, these frequencies are easily disrupted and are heard/felt as dissonance within the body through aches and pains or dis-ease.  Our outer world may also reflect this dissonance where certain areas of our lives are not flowing as we would desire.

Sound & Colour (Light) frequencies are powerful energies that move into the depths of the Cells and DNA for clearing, purifying and transforming, bringing flowing states of Resonance.  At the completion of a session you will feel in a state of Bliss and Renewal, ready to bring more light into every area of your life.

With over 20 years of experience in Sound & Colour Healing, I work with the whole of you - Physical, Emotional/Intellectual & Spiritual in a safe and sacred space, calling forth your Essence and the Energies that will support your Transformation.


Each Session is unique and transformative at the deepest level of your Being.  I call on a range of Sound & LIght tools that may include Voice, Light Language, Crystal Harp, Tuning Forks, Shamanic Drum & Rattles, Therapy Harp, Colour Lamp & Colourpressure Light. Crystals, Sacred Geometry, SoulArt & Vibrational Essences.

Sessions are usually 60 - 90 MINUTES. Concessions are available.  Please contact me for further information.


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