Working with Kiri over the years has each and every time liberated some aspect of my life to a profound level. Kiri works with total integrity, soul and a deep compassion, and did I mention humour! She has gone through many deep healing journeys of her own throughout her life, and is therefore able to hold space and authority. Most recently, I attended a one day event called Soul Talk with Kiri and to say it blew me away was an understatement. I feel forever changed from that day. It was pure "magic". Life for me has changed. There is an ease to creating things, and the intentions that I have set are already unfolding. My own growth has had a "quickening." When you work with Kiri make sure you are ready and willing for big changes to occur and life really does change.

JULIET GAUCI (Astrologer, clairvoyant, FLOW Healing), ELTHAM

Thankyou for such an amazing session/experience.  Feeling my Soul, Godself in such a significant manner has given me a whole new reference point for knowing my Self.


I recently had a Quantum Consciousness session with Kiri and what an AMAZING experience it was. To leave the everyday world and venture into places and realms unthought of gave me such an expanded perspective of life. One that has carried over into my day to day happenings. There is SO MUCH MORE to us than we give credit for.

LYN FARR, Gold Coast

My session with Kiri took me through a journey into deep relaxation where I experienced connections which I had never made before. It was like meeting new friends.. It's like tuning in a radio; I am now experiencing more love, clarity and guidance than ever. This session has created connections which keep on giving.  All I have to do is to be still and tune in. What a gift !